This photo shows the situation before the start of construction.

Our design for the expansion was ranked 1st in a 2004 competition. The new structure is the cube with an edge length of ca. 19 metres positioned on the corner of the building block. The alignments and heights are oriented toward the existing surrounding buildings. The openness and permeability of the neighbourhood remain ensured through the solitary positioning of the building.

The individual laboratory units are formed over a ca. 3×3-metre window in the facade consisting of curtain-type prefabricated reinforced concrete elements. A transition in the first upper floor above the ground floor connects to the neighbouring Institute of Biochemistry. The elaborate building services equipment is hidden behind the elevated attic.

The building only houses laboratories, while offices, storerooms, break rooms and classrooms are housed in the neighbouring existing building.

The special laboratories such as acoustic laboratories, molecular biology laboratories, isotope laboratories and genetic engineering laboratories that are housed in the new building were not able to be integrated into the existing buildings.